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Vocational School for Trade and Travel

Our school is located in the 15th district of Vienna. We offer education for the following professions:


  • Booksellers and media administration assistants

  • Druggists

  • Library and archive assistants

  • Photo and multimedia traders

  • Pharmaceutical trade assistants

  • Shop assistants specialising in textiles

  • Retail trade services for medical products

  • Transport assistants 

  • Transport & railway assistants

  • Travel agents






In Austria, apprenticeship training is referred to as “dual system“ or “dual vocational training system“, as it takes place at two different sites: the company and the vocational school.


First, apprentices need to sign an apprenticeship training agreement with a company. The company-based training is complemented by compulsory attendance of the vocational school, which is part-time. The attendance of the vocational school starts with the beginning of the apprenticeship training agreement and lasts until its end or the successful completion of the vocational school. Education is offered on the following organizational forms:


day-release system: apprentices attend vocational school for a minimum of one full or two half days a week; running for a complete academic year.


block-release system: apprentices attend vocational school for a minimum of eight or ten weeks; during an academic year.


The aim of part-time vocational schools for apprentices is to provide apprentices with the theoretical basics of their occupation, to promote and complement company-based training and to deepen their general knowledge.





What is important to us…

  • professional communication and interaction between school management, staff and students

  • good product knowledge and modern teaching methods

  • continuous teacher training

  • modern facilities and teaching equipment

  • close cooperation with training companies

  • ecology and sustainability




At the laboratory, apprentices for drugstore assistants and chemists learn how to prepare ointments, creams and suppositories.


phytology room

Here our chemist apprentices are taught in botany and herb lore. This classroom is equipped with microscopes and decorated with many different plants and herbs.


classroom for training in window shopping

Our workshops for advertising are held in this classroom. Students learn how to decorate shop windows. We have some shop windows and a lot of material for decoration.



We have several IT rooms in different sizes. They are equipped with 15-18 workstations and a projector. Some IT rooms are also equipped with CRS – computer reservation systems.


photographic laboratory

This fully equipped laboratory is used for training purposes by our photo- and multimedia engineers.


school yard

Our school yard is always busy during break times.


other facilities

Free accessible bookcase for booksharing, school doctor’s office, large school library




Berufsschule für Handel und Reisen

Hütteldorfer Straße 7-17
A-1150 Vienna


Tel: +43/1/59916-95222, -95232
Fax: +43/1/59916-99-95222




Monday – Friday 07h25 – 18h00







What we expect from our students..

  • motivation

  • teamwork

  • tolerance

  • conflict resolution

  • good manners/professional behaviour

  • environment protection and waste separation in our classrooms




teacher’s office

This is the heart of the building and a meeting point for teachers. We are a team of 60 teachers.


communication center

The „KUS Kultur- & Sportverein“ is a culture & sports association and offers different leisure activities for our students. There are various activities available such as darts, tabletop football, as well as free internet access. This area is very popular and our students love to spend their breaks here.



Our cafeteria is located next to the communication center. Many delicious snacks are offered at reasonable prices.


counselling office

We care about our students' problems and concerns. Therefore, we offer support in terms of counselling interviews, where they can talk to experts.


travel agency exercise room

At our fully equipped travel agency you will find computers, brochures and everything else that you also have in a “real“ travel agency. In this classroom we practice roleplays with our travel agent apprentices.


practice firm for booksellers

“Tintensprung“ is the name of our practice firm - a virtual training company for booksellers.




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